Cure Headaches

Alternative Tips To Cure A Headache

Thank you to Yoga Expert Elizabeth Rose for this informative video about Yoga Neck Rolls to Relieve Headaches.

The exact reason for a headache isn't always known, so it can be a challenge to think of alternative methods to treat something you do not fully know the cause of. Luckily there are a dozen or so ways to cure headaches and migraines without any hefty costs on your part.

Before you take a painkiller, consider the level of pain you have. If you have severe pain then a pain killer may be OK. But otherwise, many people that take pain relievers in excess often get more headaches than if they did not.

You can start by determining the cause of your headache and eliminating those triggers. If you wear strong perfumes then you can take those out of your life and see if that improves. Whatever the trigger may be, do what you can to minimize it. You will feel better sooner than you think and probably won't have another headache for awhile.

Relaxation and napping are the two best alternative methods for relieving headache pain. Don't have time for a nap? Spend 5 minutes meditating with something dark over your eyes to block out light. Take deep breaths and consider peppermint aromatherapy to soothe your head and mind while you relax your mind and body.

As soon as you feel a headache starting, ask yourself if you have had enough water. If you don't drink enough there is a good chance that you are dehydrated. Drink water, usually one or two glasses, to see some improvement in headache pains.

Herbal tea can also help immensely. Peppermint is naturally a headache reliever, so drinking a hot cup of strong peppermint tea can help you while you try to combat a migraine or headache. Drink it slowly and enjoy each sip to get the full benefits.

Massaging your temples, neck, and face can greatly reduce the stress in the area and calm those muscles. Ask someone to do this for you, or do it yourself. It can be beneficial to do so while you close your eyes and relax. Reflexology, aromatherapy, ice packs, and lime are all natural ways to cure a headache. You can use these in combination of each other or alone. You will see relief faster than if you were to take a pain reliever, and you won't be risking any additional health risks from taking a pain reliever.