Cure Headaches

Most Common Headache Triggers

Headaches can come and go at any time of the day or night. They are easily one of the most frustrating ailments, since they can suddenly appear without warning regardless of what you are doing. Headache triggers are not always easy to pinpoint, but if you have a specific lifestyle it can be easier to tell what your specific triggers are.

Stress and your job can be a huge headache trigger. Demanding jobs can easily spike your stress levels making your muscle tissue around the skull contract more often. This type of high intensity environment isn't healthy, and if you get too many headaches from your job you may need to find a new one.

Weather changing can also trigger headaches. Those sensitive to cold or hot weather may find themselves with frequent migraines and headaches throughout the day. Higher temperatures seem to cause headaches more often than lower temperatures.

Sensitivity to perfumes or other fragrances is a very common trigger. It can be quite severe for some individuals. If you wear strong perfumes then you may want to discontinue use to see if that alleviates any problems. All strong odors can cause migraines though, not just perfume. Consider minimizing your use of nail polish, paint, solvents, dust, and even flowers.

The way you style your hair could also be cause tension headaches. Tight hair styles in ponytails or braids can put a lot of pressure on your skull. Hats and too tight headbands can also be a culprit. If you have started using a new hair style then you should reconsider.

Dehydration or over exerting your body is known to also be a major trigger. While exercise can sometimes bring relief, it can also trigger severe headaches. This happens when someone works too hard for their body or isn't hydrated enough during a workout. Instead, drink plenty of water during exercise and if you feel a headache coming on, rest until it fades away.

If you have any of the above triggers in your life, try minimizing them to see if your headaches subside. If not then you may have an allergy or a more serious trigger that needs attention. How other people are around you can also make a difference, but there is little you can do to change their fragrance or lifestyle choices. Instead, avoid them whenever possible to reduce tension headaches and migraines.