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What Are The Different Types Of Headaches

Headaches are classified into a few different categories. Primary headaches, secondary headaches, facial pain, cranial neuralgias, and other are the technical categories used to diagnose and treat headache problems.

Tension headaches, migraines and cluster headaches are all forms of primary headaches

Primary headaches are often the worst in the category. Tension headaches are the most common primary headache, and they happen to nearly all adults throughout their life. Women are more likely to have tension headaches than men, but they usually are not too difficult to treat or deal with. These types of headaches can be caused by a number of things in day to day life, from lack of exercise, dehydration, stress, or using your eyes too much.

Migraines are the second type of primary headache. They are severe, can cause vomiting and eye sight trouble, as well as lack of concentration. Children and adults both experience migraine headaches. A larger percentage of women have migraines, just like with tension headaches. This is likely due to higher stress levels in women. Men get migraines less often than women. Children with eyesight problems, ADHD, and other health conditions may get migraines often as well.

Cluster headaches are another type of primary headache, which only affects a very small percentage of people. Men that are in their 20s more commonly experience these, and they cause excruciating and disabling pain. They can happen at any time without notice, but there are usually warning signs that one is going to start. Cluster headaches can make a mans life miserable. It can even be considered a disability if someone gets them often enough to not be able to function in day to day life.

Secondary headaches are caused by severe underlying problems, such as injury in the head or neck area. These types of headaches can be caused by tumors or even bleeding in the brain. This is a serious condition and should be treated immediately, or else death is a possibility.

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Facial pain and cranial neuralgias are nerve pains that occur in the head and upper neck area. These can be caused by a number of things. Facial pain and cranial neuralgias are severe enough to need immediate treatment.

All headaches are treated with pain relievers. A good pain relief treatment is available here. Cluster headaches may need more serious medications to control and reduce the severe pain associated with them. This can be hard to treat and even diagnose however, so men that may have cluster headaches should tell a doctor immediately.